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Roof Rangers Inc.

Roof Rangers Inc. was founded by Patrick W. Maple in 1983, in Herald, California. Prior to starting his own business he worked for his father at R.A. Maple Roofing, in Woodbridge, California, for nearly 20 years.  Roof Rangers Inc, and it's employees, has always strived to display an attitude of respect, and appreciation, for our customers and the services we provide them. Over the years we have ongoingly been on the leading edge of new products and services that we could offer to our customers.We sincerely thank you for expressing interest in us and our services and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Replacing Tiles
Fixing Roofs
Black Roof
Corner of a Roof Gutter
roof shingles
Switching Roofs
Roof Shingles
Roof Shingles
Fixing the Roof
Brown Roof

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